Luminous Carpets With Era 111

Carpet varnish technically cannot be a single product. Carpet brightness is a feature which can be obtained with more than one raw materials in formula of carpet shampoo. When we talk about subject of carpet varnish, we want to state that ; 
Our company Sabuncuoğlu Kimya that is most competent firm about carpet shampoo in Turkey . The brightness of the carpet ,which is washed with Era 111 carpet shampoo, are more brighter than even newly produced carpet by surpassing industrial standarts. 
This situation is proven with the report from Ege University Textile and Clothing Research Laboratory that can see below. The reason of being that ERA 111 Carpet Shampoo  irreplaceable product by carpet washing companies up to Central Asia from Europe, is not coincidence. If you have a carpet washing company and love your job, let us work together and flourish your business.
Sabuncuoğlu Kimya A.Ş.

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