Hand-Woven and Woolen Carpet Cleaning Methods

-The biggest problem to clean this kind of carpets is that deformation the colour of carpets.

-The cleaning of this kind of carpets should be done one by one and quickly.

-For the cleaning of hand woven and woolen carpets; as soon as the carpets are get wet, the process of brushing with Era 111 hand woven and woolen carpet shampoo should be begun.

-After brushing process, rinsing with rake 
should be done quickly.

-If the carpet feathers are long, the rake practices can be done as back and forth in order to  the carpet shampoo penetrate deep feathers and fiber of the carpet.

-It is important that shampoo should be convenient for the features of these carpets.

Turkey is the starting place for the industrial aqueous carpet washing system so Era 111 carpet shampoo, which has colour stabilizer factor, is a quite convenient product for this process. 

-After the process of raking and rinsing, the carpets are squeezed without losing time.

-Because of the possibility of deformation on the colour, carpets are squeezed one by one. 

-The carpets that are taken from the wringing machine, is immediately hanged.

-The key point in the cleaning hand-woven and woolen carpet is to ACT QUİCKLY during the all process.

-Briefly, as long as the processes below are followed, the possibility of deformation colour or mixing colours will disappear.

ABSTRACT FORMULA : wash by one by, act immediate, rake and rinse, correct carpet shampoo,wringing fast, open and hang immediately. As conclusion; because all of these processes needs experience and knowledge, our website does not accept any responsibility for consequences of faulty practices. You can get information about Era 111  by contacting with us.


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