Frequently Asked Questions

Question?: Is it necessary to use a softener when using Era 111 Carpet Shampoo?

Answer: No. Era 111 Carpet Shampoo is a two-in-one product. It is not necessary to use additional softener.


Question?: Can I use Era 111 Carpet Shampoo on all carpets?

Answer: Yes. You can use it on all carpets including Machine Carpets, Hand Woven and Woolen Carpets. It is necessary to comply with a number of rules when washing hand woven and wollen carpets. You can reach these information from the following links.


Question?: Shall I put other reinforcement products such as stain remover, bleach, etc.  to the mixing water with Era 111 Carpet Shampoo?

Answer: As a result of the statistics between our user customers, we have determined that vast majority of the experienced companies (up to 80%) that put the system in order, make a good scrubbing (see article titled well and effective carpet cleaning methods and Era 111) not use any other reinforcement product with Era 111 Carpet Shampoo. The contents of Era 111 have stain remover and nonionic assets at maximum level. However, there are carpet washing companies  use products like stain removers and bleach which are produced by our company or other companies.Despite of everything, you can add some to the mixing water that you have prepared according to the dirt level of the carpet in the case of using them.  If you want to add bleach with Era 111 carpet shampoo, there will be no chemical reaction to effect shampoos features. It shall be kept in mind that high use of bleach shortens the carpet life. 

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