Color Correction for Hand Woven and Woolen Carpets

  • As a result of hand woven and woolen carpets are washed out with the wrong methods and techniques, the colors of the carpets mix together and the dark colors create dominant tones on the light colors.  
  • Due to lack of experience and inappropriate product usage, this problem is frequently encountered. 
  • This type of faulty carpet washing can cause unrecoverable results. It is necessary to be very careful and to follow the processes written here. 
  • The proper carpet washing shampoo and proper chemical should be used  for this process with the correct techniques.
Color Correction Process In Carpet Washing:
  • First of all, Carpet is washed in compliance with hand woven and woolen carpet washing technique and rinsed. ( WASH ONE BY ONE - BE QUICK- ERA 111 WOOLEN CARPET WASHING SHAMPOO - RAKE AND RINSE - SPEED WRINGING PROCESS – OPEN AND HANG IMMEDIATELY ) Click for This Technique.
  • The above-described technique is a normal process at which the carpet is washed and rinsed quickly without wringing process. By raking, the carpet remains damp.
  • The Era 111 color stabilizer mixed water is put inside the bucket according to square meter of carpet  and this mixture is applied on the whole surface of carpet. (according to color deformation, 1 cup of Carpet Color Stabilizer  to 15 liters of water for 6 square meters of carpet)
  •  After this process , brushing and rake are never applied.
  •  Within a few minutes, colors stabilized perceptibly .This time may varies depending on the percentage of carpet deformation and air temperature.
  • Time management is very important in this process so rinsing process is carried out within a few minutes and then immediately carpet is wringed.
  • After this process it is possible to restore the carpet with rate of  95%.
  • Since the optimization of the quantity of the applied chemicals according to the type of carpet and the time management during the process requires expertise, our site does not accept responsibility for the consequences of faulty dosing and poor workmanship from this expression.
  • It should not be forgotten that the color stabilization process is a whitening practice. Discoloration up to 5% to 15% can be considered as side effects and wrong methods in this process.
  • You can get described information about the Era 111 Carpet Shampoos and correct techniques by calling our company also you can order carpet color stabilizer . We want you to know;  With our R& D departmant, we are the most experienced company in the carpet washing sector.

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