Carpet Stain Removers

Our formulations of carpet stain removers go beyond the industrial standards as a result of researches that are made on the carpet in our laboratory. 90% of stains on carpet can be removed with our four different stain removers.ERA 111 stain removers are effective on totally more than 200 stains and they are the most successful products not only in Turkey but also around the world.
How are carpet stain removers used in the industrial carpet washing?
There is  maximum rate of stain removers in  content of ERA 111 Carpet Washing Shampoo. In case of using stiff brushes and proper brushing, there is no need to use stain removers with Era 111 carpet shampoo. It is demanded because of the lack of the washing process by operators. This is summarized as insufficient automatic washing machine,  not using stiff brush, lack of experience etc. Under these circumstances, a little stain remover can be added to carpet shampoo mixed water.
Under normal conditions, Chemical industry in the worldwide are specifically tried to formularize different stain removers for each stain.  Each stain has specifical solvent. We can think like antibiotic which is improved for features of virus and bacteria. However, using  tens or hundreds of stain removers is not possible for each kind of stain in the carpet washing industry.
Therefore, ERA 111 Carpet Stain Removers are formulated to be effective on a lot of stains  according to logic of wide spectrum antibiotic and they are gained appreciation in Turkey and around the world.  For example,  Carpet Stain Remover is named ERA 111 A Type Plus is efficient on more than 100 stains and it is a niche product. You can access these products from products menu above.
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